Praise for OTM’s 2015 album, Drifter…

Drifter gives off the feel of a band in total control of their sound, 4 musicians playing to each other’s strength with confidence and spirit. Old Time Musketry makes music that can soothe a listener yet also pokes at one’s expectations. There is intimacy in the interactions, freedom in the execution, and plenty of melody to grab your attention.”
–Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest Blog

“…this music is relentlessly hip, engaging, and purely a creation of 21st Century artists…the heroism is evenly divided between the band’s improvising and in the way the band members’ distinct musical personalities inhabit each piece…More than just another jazz album, Drifter is a fascinating and beautifully-told musical story.”
–Dave Wayne, All About Jazz

“…songs in the purest sense of the word…kinetic, purposeful, often funky rhythm section…Another triumph from a group with chemistry and strikingly vivid tunes, who should be vastly better known than they are.”
Lucid Culture Blog

A-“…”Accordion roots this in popular melodies, sax roughs up the textures and edges.”
–Tom Hull, Music Week

“…big step up to a new plateau.  Strong lyricism delivered more crisply and woven tighter around the rhythms.  Mix of accordion, melodica, and woodwinds provides a whole bunch of warm & fuzzy harmonies that you’ll pray never end.”
–Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

“Loaded with quirky ideas (though never for their own sake) and accomplished and inventive ensemble work, Old Time Musketry is a chamber jazz group with warmth, humor and oomph and whose only predictable feature is unpredictability.”
–Mark Keresman, New York City Jazz Record


Praise for OTM’s 2012 debut, Different Times

4 stars“…”Old Time Musketry weaves through a variety of musical styles, never binding themselves to a single idea while asserting their own identity.”
–Jon Ross, DownBeat Magazine (also listed among Best Albums of the Year)

2012 Best Debut…a first statement full of promise…enjoyable and intriguing…”
–George Grella, The Big City Blog (also submitted “Different Times” as “Best Debut” in the 2012 Jazz Critics Poll)

“Old Time Musketry seems to be about…confounding expectations; not just going to unexpected places, but finding something unexpected in places that might be seem all too familiar. Different Times is a beautifully realized snapshot of a fully matured band with massive compositional and instrumental chops, and, most importantly, some very interesting ideas.”
–Dave Wayne, All About Jazz

“…the most exciting music looks back yet continually moves forward. Different Times does just that and more; Old Time Musketry makes joyful music filled with strong melodies and fine solos. ”
–Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest Blog

“…this year’s best jazz debut by a country mile. Melodic contemporary sounds don’t get any more interesting, or downright catchy, than this.”
Lucid Culture Blog (also ranked #14 on their 20 Best Jazz Albums of 2012 List)

“…a subtle yet engaging new release…The group’s idiosyncratic sound palette touches on klezmer, free jazz, R&B and sepia-toned marches.”
Time Out New York

3 1/2 stars…tight group interplay…reserved melodies [that] build slowly with stately tension.”
–Paul Acquaro, Free Jazz Blog

“…constant ‘sound of suprise’…never predictable…Old Time Musketry has found creative ways to combine their wide-ranging interests into intriguing new compositions.”
–Ken Dryden, New York City Jazz Record

A-“…”They go for soft edges, letting the music just pick you up and sweep you away.”
–Tom Hull, Jazz Prospecting (also submitted OTM as best “Newcomer Group” in El Intruso’s 2012 Poll)

“The music is immensely charming…infectious and inventive…a delight and quite unlike anything I’ve heard in a long while.”
–Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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